15. Every Dental Patient Deserves a Less Painful Injection

In today's episode Phil chats with Dr. Scott Keadle, a dentist for over 30 years. Dr. Keadle has experienced firsthand the limitations of current dental anesthetic drugs and their inability to provide fast-acting, reliable and painless injection. He wanted a better anesthetic for his patients: less injection pain, less waiting time and more reliability. Dr. Keadle invented a patented technology to enable pH-balanced version of the most common local anesthetics, using a standard syringe and protocol. He then presented the opportunity to a group of dentists who invested over $1 million to help found Balanced pHarma Incorporated. He now leads a team of industry experts who are committed to bringing the first ever pH-balanced dental anesthetic to market for less painful, faster-acting and more reliable dental injections for dentists and patients worldwide. In this episode, Phil and Dr. Keadle specifically talk about the problems Balanced pHarma solves, the technology behind it and how you can be an early investor. To learn more, visit Invest.BalancedPharma.com