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Practice Listings

Portage County, WI

 Listing ID: KLAS03667

Price: $213,496
Active Patients: 1753
Revenue: $304,994
Operatories: 7
Availability: Available


Charlevoix County, MI

Listing ID:  KLAS03750

Price: $265,000
Active Patients: 880
Revenue: $440,000
Operatories: 3
Availability: Available


Stevensville, MI

Listing ID:  KLAS03754

Price: $487,179
Active Patients: 1533
Revenue: $712,383
Operatories: 5
Availability: Available


Lenawee County, MI

Listing ID:  KLAS04011

Price: $609,202
Active Patients: 1595
Revenue: $822,463
Operatories: 5
Availability: Available


Newaygo County, MI

Listing ID:  KLAS03760

Price: $502,000
Active Patients: 1672
Revenue: $705,509
Operatories: 7 Fully Equipped
Availability: Available


Northern Michigan

Listing ID:  KLAS04021

Price: $637,000
Active Patients: 1494
Revenue: $980,000
Operatories: 7
Availability: Available


Cincinnati, OH

Listing ID:  KLAS03775

Price: $326,254
Active Patients: 1440
Revenue: $600,738
Operatories: 6
Availability: Available


Emmett County, MI

Listing ID:  KLAS04041

Price: $637,700
Active Patients: 1494
Revenue: $779,282
Operatories: 7
Availability: Available


Lansing, MI

Listing ID:  KLAS04043

Price: $415,836
Active Patients: 1658
Revenue: $577,550
Operatories: 4
Availability: Available


Holland, Mi

Listing ID:  KLAS03766

Price: $257,962
Active Patients: 1300
Revenue: $444966
Operatories: 3 Fully Equipped (Expandable)
Availability: SOLD


SE Grand Rapids, MI

Listing ID:  KLAS03804

Price: $348,742
Active Patients: 673
Revenue: $492,339
Operatories: 4 w/5th built out
Availability: SOLD


Big Rapids, MI

Listing ID:  KLAS03427

Price: $358,959
Active Patients: 1031
Revenue: $552,245
Operatories: 5 (Expandable to 6)
Availability: SOLD

No Longer Available

Phil Cole from Klas Solutions is awesome! In a very short amount of time he helped my daughter buy a dental practice near my office. He responded to texts, emails and phone calls very quickly and gave both my daughter and I sound advice. He genuinely cared and made this transition happen smoothly....


Thomas Anderson

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