Practice Health Assessment

Every dental business owner wants what is very best for their patients, in addition to what is very best for the business. A Practice Health Assessment is a comprehensive tool to get the clearest picture of what is happening in your practice. Our assessment assists you in evaluating over 150 Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). It allows us to see what you are doing well and what can be improved. More importantly, it provides direction and the opportunity for you to understand how to maximize your time and energy. Premium care flows out of dental businesses that are healthy and strong.

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Practice Health Assessment

Like your Comprehensive Oral Evaluation of a patient, a PHA provides a thorough exam and treatment plan for your business. It evaluates all aspects of your practice and enables you to determine the areas that are working and the areas that could be improved.

Practice Strategy

From a business perspective, revenue is a must so you can pay your bills, offer team incentives and plan for retirement. The PHA certainly looks at your production/collection and compares it to the industry norms and shows where opportunities are in your dental practice. The PHA goes further and assesses team dynamics, drama, teamwork, cohesiveness, roles and responsibilities, leadership, vision and future plans.

The assessment will include a customized program (no obligation) that will address your individual needs. It will look at the following areas to better understand how your dental practice would benefit so you can make changes and have a strategic plan: 

  • Vision¬†-¬†your personalized plan and vision for your¬†practice (partnerships, associates, moving, building, retirement, etc.)
  • Review Team Dynamics -¬†the right people in the right positions working effectively
  • Team¬†Interviews -¬†confidentially conducted to determine¬†areas of enhancement
  • Increase Revenue¬†-¬†generate the same revenue in less hours, be more efficient, and work smarter not harder
  • Patient Base and Demographics -¬†measure capacity, new patients, attrition, and patient retention
  • Marketing Plan -¬†get insight on how well your internal and external marketing is performing
  • Scheduling -¬†evaluate the use¬†of your most important asset, TIME¬†
  • Financials -¬†determine the health of¬†accounts receivable, statements, billing, collecting co-pays up front, outstanding accounts, patient financial arrangements, PPO‚Äôs and insurance participation and adjustments
  • Break-Even Point -¬†determine the amount of money you need to pay your expenses and pay yourself
  • Hygiene Team¬†-¬†evaluate hygiene team production, individual production, hygiene protocols, perio program and recare systems
  • Treatment Planning -¬†understand the effectiveness of your process
  • Clinical Areas -¬†organization of operatories, lab cases, equipment, maintenance, technology plans, sterilization and computer effectiveness

You owe it to yourself to inspect all aspects of your practice so you can make informed decisions. We would love to share our combined 150 years of experience in the dental field so you can have your dream dental practice.

Above and beyond anything that I ever expected, high value for the cost of the program...I am extremely impressed with Phil and the entire team of coaches at KLAS Solutions...


Chelsea Mason, DDS
Mason Dental, Bay City

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