January 21, 2019

Are Your Team’s Verbal Skills at Peak Performance?

Verbal skills can make or break how a patient will react to case presentation, scheduling an appointment or how they feel while in the office. This article gives 3 scenarios…

August 1, 2018

Are You Achieving Your Goals? What Keeps You Up at Night?

I have had the privilege of working with dentists who seek to become better dentists for their patients, stronger leaders for their business, and happier in their personal life. Let...
July 1, 2018

Ask Yourself – What was our biggest practice accomplishment

What was our practices biggest accomplishment in 2017? What were the barriers that prevented the practice from reaching its potential? What will be your practices focus for the year 2018?...
June 1, 2018

Protect Yourself from Dental Embezzlement

Embezzlement is a serious problem that continues to grow in the dental industry. Depending on the surveys that have been done by multiple sources, the average amount ranges from $20K...
May 1, 2018

Understanding Production Income

A very common misconception amongst health-care professionals is the method of determining profits from the operation of their practices. Their accountants take the gross income (collections) of the practice and...
April 1, 2018

PPO or Not to PPO….that is the question

After assessing numerous practices, one of the first questions I’m asked is “Should I stay in network with the insurance companies.” There is not a simple yes or no answer....
Team and Leadership
March 1, 2018

Effective Leadership is Essential to Every Practice

You don’t have to be born with leadership skill – With training, you can become a great leader. Here Are Some Questions to ASK YOURSELF.... Do I Lead by Example...
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February 1, 2018

Why Select Klas Solutions as Your Coaching Company?

In business and in life, change equals growth. Growth in your personal life and in your practice, takes commitment and support. Drs and their team know there are systems that...
November 1, 2017

Unprofessional Profession

I love dentistry….if it wasn’t for the people. It can be a very unprofessional profession to say the least. 80% of the doctors I speak with are upset about PPO’s,...
October 1, 2017

Benefits of a KLAS Solutions Dental Practice Assessment

We are all aware of the limited ‘business’ guidance offered in dental school. Dentists tell me all the time “I just want to do dentistry” and many operate their business...
Team and Leadership
September 1, 2017

15 Powerful Things Happy People do Differently

What are the differences between happy people and unhappy people? Of course, it should be very obvious: happy people are happy while unhappy people are unhappy, right? Well, that is...
May 1, 2017

Why Estate Planning and Life Insurance Still Matter for Dentists

BY JASON R. HANDAL Estate planning is about more than just estate taxes. Estate plans involve a variety of non-estate tax issues, making thoughtful estate planning a critical component of...