I appreciate the work that KLAS Solutions have put in, in negotiating our fees with the Insurance Maximization Program. I also appreciate everything that you have done for us at Excel Dental and we are seeing a lot of benefit from it. We are very grateful to you for your expertise and hard work. Have a wonderful day

* * * * *

– Dr. Paresh Shrimankar, DDS, Ann Arbor, MI

Above and Beyond anything that I ever expected; high value for the cost of the program.

* * * * *

– Chelsea Mason at Mason Dental in Bay City, MI

Ms. McNutt shares her passion and experience with her audiences.  She has nothing to sell which adds integrity to her presentations.  I love her straight forward ‘down to earth’ approach and humorous presentations.

* * * * *

– Lisa Santos, LDDC

“ The West Suburban Dental Branch of the Chicago Dental Society very much enjoyed Nancy McNutt’s presentation. Nancy brings a vivacious personality along with great information, gleaned from her years of experience and delivered with her unique, direct style. We want her back ”

* * * * *

– Douglas L Kay, DDS President

Lisa did an absolutely phenomenal job with our OSHA training. Our session was incredibly efficient, succinct, and relevant for the modern dental office. I couldn’t recommend Lisa enough in this field, she is a true expert! ”

* * * * *

– Peter T. Cracchiolo, Jr., D.D.S.

” Once again thank you for your time spent here with my team. I felt like while you were here, I was meeting myself coming and going and didn’t get to opportunity to spend quality time with you, as much as I would have liked. Next time.

You have really helped empower Kaitlyn and Bri with their new roles in my office, thank you for that. You are a blessing; your mom and dad did a nice job instilling important values in you…it shows. ”

* * * * *

– Dr. Eric Herman, Herman Family Dentistry

“ I am very fortunate to have been working with Deb Cohen for the past 10 years. She has helped our team implement protocols and put systems in place, to become a more productive practice. Our revenues have increased as well as our happiness in the workplace. The entire team looks forward to Deb’s biannual visits. She is always quick to respond to a phone call, text or email when we need advice.The way I run my office has completely changed with Deb’s help. She has years of experience and a wealth knowledge of the dental business. We are lucky she is part of our team! ”

* * * * *

– Dr. Heather Clark

“ Transitioning into a new way of thinking or doing things differently  is a hard and scary process for most people, but I can assure you, I have never seen a person as talented and perceptive as Deb Cohen when it came to transforming myself and my staff into a real success story.  She helped us increase our revenue in just one year!

Her knowledge of the field of dentistry goes way beyond facts and figures on a report.  She has a special gift for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of our dental practice and with that knowledge, she made a thoughtful plan which was specific to our) needs.

Deb has an incredibly positive attitude which is contagious and nothing and no one can stop her until she reaches her goal- to make you a success! What amazed me the most was that she did everything with such love, as if it was her own practice!

Deb is truly a gem and I am so grateful to her for sharing and coaching me in the skills I needed to transform my dental practice and myself! ”

* * * * *

– Dr. FoadFarhoumand

“ Deb has worked with me for almost 10 months now, and what a transformation!  I told her she turned everything upside down and then right side up.  I feel like I have a much more organized office, with systems in place now. We are more productive and not running around like chickens with our heads cut off!! The most important thing she made me realize was that I needed to be a more effective leader.  I feel that my team has clearer goals and direction. Although it’s been stressful going through all the changes, there is no doubt I am better off.  Now I feel the office is moving in a positive direction and not like the hamster on a wheel anymore!  I wish I’d hired her years ago, but one of the things I like about Deb is that she doesn’t like to look backward.  She likes to look forward! ”

* * * * *

– Dr. Janet Song

“ Deb Cohen is not a “cookie cutter” consultant. Deb comes into an office and interviews the entire team to properly access or diagnose the issues that may be occurring.Then Deb creates a treatment plan that will solve your issues and bring your practice to the next level.This is what happened in my office and was well worth the investment. Let me also add that Deb is not confrontational and my employees really like her. It is great having a third party to help me handle situations that arise. Deb has made our office a much more pleasant place to work and more profitable at the same time. ”

* * * * *

– Dr. Peter DeTolla, Long Island, NY

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“Chris, Thanks for everything you have done. I feel I am in a much better position with insurance. I definitely need more help with the fee structure. Sign me up for the fee assessment.”

* * * * *

” Over the past few months we have had the pleasure of working with Christine Sommers, a representative of KLAS Solutions. Christine has been assisting us with the PPO negotiation of our fees with numerous insurance carriers. She has been very successful thus far in negotiating increased fees with Aetna, Cigna, and Delta Dental of Michigan.

Christine has always kept a steady communication with us during the PPO negotiating process. She has always been available to walk us through this process and answer any questions that have come up. PPO negotiation of fees is a very time consuming process and we are so grateful that we had someone as diligent as Christine to assist us.

We highly recommend KLAS Solutions Insurance Maximization Program and especially Christine Sommers for all of your negotiating needs. ”

* * * * *

Julia Munoz
Practice Manager
Livonia Family Dental Center

To learn more about this coach, please contact us.

” Phil, you were amazing with our two Doctors. They truly had a rude awakening !!!! Doctor was uncharacteristically introspective. She typically try’s to excuse away her vacations as “ A Need” to regroup so when she comes back from vacation … “I’m a calmer and better dentist. “ She now sees that was just an excuse.
You handled our other Doctor perfectly … When you asked about talking too much to his patients …. his body language said
OMG I’m busted, his wife said she is no longer going to enable him anymore.

YOU ROCKED Phil Cole !!!!
Phil, thanks so much for taking the time to talk with them and showing how your Mentor program will help them.
With Appreciation ”

* * * * *

Deb, OM


To Whom It May Concern,

” I met Phil Cole at the Chicago Dental on February 26th, 2016. After meeting with representatives from three different transitions companies, I decided to work with Phil.

My wife, Robin, and I met with Phil to discuss our needs and to begin the process of doing a practice evaluation. Phil was always available by phone to answer our questions and guide us through the process. He understood that selling a dental practice I have developed over 38 years is a difficult decision, so he provided us with guidance and support throughout the process. I asked Phil and the companies with whom I met how long it generally took to sell a dental practice and I was told a year to a year and a half.
Within 3 months of making the decision to work with Phil, I had 3 different offers on my practice. Phil came to Grand Rapids for the meetings with each potential buyer. He spent time with us after each meeting, so we could ask questions. Our decision came down to 2 companies and we really struggled to choose between the two because each offer had different positive aspects. Phil reminded us of our original discussion as to what we needed and guided us towards the company that offered everything we asked for even though this was the company who offered us the lower price. This is important to me because it showed me that Phil was looking out for my wife and I even though, by taking the lower priced offer, he would be making a lower commission.

Once we made our decision and began working on the paperwork required prior to the close, Phil offered help and support. He came back to Grand Rapids on the day of the practice close and continues to check in to see how the transition is going.
Robin and I are very happy with our decision to work with Phil Cole. We have had many laughs and consider Phil a friend. I do not believe that the other representatives with whom we met would have put forth the effort or offered the support that Phil did.
I highly recommend Phil Cole to anyone. ”

* * * * *


Stephen A. Novak

Thank you, is the least I can say for the personal, professional service you have provided me during this transition period of my life.
Selling a practice (business) is stressful on its own, let alone finding a compatible replacement that you can be confident in and be assured they will treat your team and patients with a caring, conscientious approach.

Phil Cole Is definitely a man of integrity, driven to provide professional help in all areas of concern. ”

* * * * *

Paul L Lawis, D.D.S
Drakeview Dental Center
2802 North Saginaw Rd., Midland, MI, 48640

” Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making my retirement dream come true.

On the recommendation of several people, I contracted with you (Phil Cole) to find a buyer for my dental practice. You gave me reasonable expectations on how long it would take to find a buyer for a smaller town practice and you delivered within that time frame.
I greatly appreciate how you kept us informed on a regular basis on marketing strategies, prospective buyers, and what we needed to do to assist you in the search.

When you did find the perfect buyer, you worked hard to make sure that both parties were happy with the sale and got us together at the right time to make the transition as smooth as possible.

I thank you and my husband thanks you. Now it is time to hit the road and do all of the traveling that we have been planning. ”

* * * * *

Best regards,

Karen J. Gougeon D.D.S.

“ It’s a pleasure working with Phil Cole and the team at KLAS Solutions. I can see their passion and dedication to the dentists they support in developing sustainable strategies, and providing training to members that improve production, teamwork and the overall patient experience.”

* * * * *

Mits Kantaria, ArcPro Media Inc.

“KLAS Solution is a great partner to any dentist who is looking for strategies to improve the patient experience, run a better practice or looking for ways to grow.”

* * * * *

John Vakidis

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