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Roles And Responsibilities In A Dental Practice

coaching Apr 09, 2020
Dental Assistants working together

This Is A Story About Four Staff Members Named:

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, And Nobody.

If There Was an Important Job to Be Done, Everybody Was Asked to Do It. Everybody Was Sure Somebody Would Do It… Anybody Could Have Done It, But Nobody Did It. Somebody Got Angry About That, Because It Was Everybody’s Job. Everybody Thought Anybody Could Do It. It Ended Up That Everybody Wouldn’t Do It. It Ended Up That Everybody Blamed Somebody When Nobody Did What Anybody Could Have Done.

As Coaches, When we Start Working With a Practice, One Of the Questions we Ask Team Members is “Who’s in Charge of ________”.

Example – Doctor’s Scheduling – Hygiene Scheduling – Insurance – Following Up on Outstanding Treatment – Reactivation- Etc.

If There are Two People at the Front Desk Many Times, the Answer is “We Both Do” If There are Three People at the Front Desk the Answer is “We All Do”.

As Indicated in the Story Above, When We Don’t Have Defined Job Descriptions and Role Responsibilities, The Results are Increase Stress – Frustration – And Chaos.

The Solution: To Have Written Clear Job Descriptions

When Job Descriptions are Specifically Outlined, Your Practice Will Eliminate the Staff Members Named:

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, And Nobody.