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Choosing a Dental Coaching Company

coaching Jan 13, 2023
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Having grown up in Michigan, I remember as a child traveling north to the UP, or Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, in the summers to enjoy outdoor activities as a family. The beauty of the north woods will always be a part of what I appreciate about the state. Even more than the appreciation I have for Northern Michigan, is the appreciation I have for the bridge that connects Michigan from its northern peninsula; the Mackinac Bridge. It is a massive structure spanning 5 miles in length, a height above water of more than 500 feet, a below water depth of over 200 feet and a clearance for ships of over 150 feet. It is a suspension marvel worthy of seeing. In its simplest form it is a bridge that connects one land to another and the only way, in a vehicle, to get from Michigan to its Upper Peninsula. Bridges do exactly that, connect one land mass to another.


Like bridges, coaching serves a similar function. It gets us from a place where we are to a place where we want to go. It bridges the gap between our realities and our desires. No doubt you have desires for your dental practice. Likely you have spent time thinking, “How can I get to the place I want to go?” In the crowded landscape of coaching companies marketing for your attention you’ve wondered, “Who can I trust to bridge the gap between where I am and where I want to go.”

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Dental Coaching Company

To help you navigate that decision, here are a few questions you can ask about coaching companies that are fighting for your business.

  • What dental experience do they bring to a coaching engagement?
  • What experience do they have in advising me in my small business?
  • Can they help me develop a vision for my practice that my team and I can commit to over time?
  • What analytics do they measure to assure me of a future growth pattern?
  • Will they coach only me or my team as well?
  • Do they have a “hands on” approach or only a remote presence?
  • Will they challenge me to see things differently than I do right now?
  • Will they help me develop my business, or just solve my immediate issues?
  • Will they challenge me to feel the discomfort necessary for my business to grow?
  • Will they help me analytically to see my blind spots from a business systems, clinical, and leadership perspective to grow into the practice I want?
  • Do they understand the operational issues I have, and can they work with my team to solve those issues systemically?
  • Can they help me, as a business owner, to establish the accountability necessary to grow my business so I can serve more people?
  • Through a solid educational process, will they build trust with my team so we can accomplish our goals for the future?

It can be confusing to choose a team to support you in the goals you are chasing. Answering the questions above can be a start in narrowing the choices of who to enlist in supporting you in building the dental practice you want for you and your family’s future. 

Are You Ready to Hire a Dental Coaching Company?

We are always here to help you. If you have more questions about choosing a dental coaching company, please contact us. 

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