Wendi Sparks RDH, BS

Wendi is an adjunct clinical instrumentation and radiography lab instructor at Oakland Community College.  A hygienist for 35 years, she is also an active member of the Wayne County Tobacco Free Coalition which promotes awareness of tobacco use prevention and cessation.  She has done extensive research in the use of hookah tobacco and E-vap. 

Wendi’s courses will be made available in Fall of 2018

Program: Radiography for the Dental Auxiliary 


Course Description: The lecture portion of the class is based on the theories and principles of dental radiography, including radiation safety and equipment, infection control procedures, film exposure and processing; including analysis and correction of errors. Recognition of anatomical landmarks, interpretation and efficient mounting of radiographs will be evaluated.  Paralleling and Bisecting techniques along with an introduction and demonstration of digital radiography will be addressed. The participant will demonstrate competency in exposing, processing and mounting a full set of radiographs.  


Lecture: 14 hours 

 1-2 hours completed at the participant’s dental office 

Radiography Certificate of Training received upon successful completion of the didactic lecture and lab portion. 


Course Objectives: 

Brief History of Radiographs, production of x-ray radiation 

Radiation Basics, benefits and hazards, genetic and somatic effects, ALARA concept 

Equipment, intraoral film components and steps of manual/automatic processing: chemicals and solutions 

Explain and Identify paralleling and bisecting techniques 

Digital Imaging Discussion: Indirect and Direct 

Guidelines for Infection Control 

Normal Anatomy and Film mounting,  

Radiographic Interpretation 

Radiographic records, labeling and storage