Team & Leadership Program

Location:         On-site

Scheduled:      2 Days

Timescale:       1 visit


Effective Leadership is essential to every practice. You don’t have to be born with leadership skills; with proper training you can learn to become an effective leader.


Leadership Starts from the “Top Down”!

Leading by example is the earmark of a strong leader, as well as having a vision for your practice. The vision of a practice is the guiding principles of the practice. They are the core values.

  • Strong leaders have an open-door policy
  • They encourage feedback
  • A leader will want to hear from his/her team regarding:
    • What’s working
    • What’s not working
    • What are some solutions

Team members look to their leader for kudos for a job well done.

Catching your team doing something “Right” contributes to a behavior change for team members wanting to do things “Right”.

Good leaders create an environment where team members want opportunities to grow. Empowerment, not micro-management, will create an “Ownership Mentality” within the team.


Team Building

Communication within the practice is a fundamental element in order for a practice to reach its full potential.

Communication is comprised of Words, Body Language, and Tone of Voice.  What words someone chooses, what body language is used, and what tone of voice the sender selects, all may contribute to a miscommunication that is interpreted by the listener.

KLAS Solutions Team & Leadership coaches, trains the Doctor and the Team on the use of proper communication skills.  This in turn creates:

  • An environment of less conflict and more collaberation
  • Less stress and more motivation
  • Produces a more cohesive practice

One important strategy for communication, is starting your day with an efficient morning Huddle.


An Efficient AM Huddle is Not a Patient “ROLL CALL”

It is a comprehensive assessment of today’s patients, what procedure are they scheduled for, a review of their health history, a review of any previous balances, and any reminders of family members who are overdue for hygiene.

There should be no reason for any team member to ever have to say the words, “nobody told me!”  KLAS Solutions team coaches gives a practice the tools of how to have a well-organized and informative AM Huddle.

A Monthly team meeting is another element critical to communication within the practice. One question you should ask yourselves is, “Are your team meetings effective and productive or do they become a Gripe Session?”

Team meetings should be structured so that the team can brainstorm solutions concerning the systems of the practice.

Your team is an amalgamation of different personalities, however as unique as each personality is, the team has to interact with each other knowing one another’s personalities strength and weaknesses.   Our team coach will train the team to identify different personalities within the practice, and provide support in creating a harmonious approach for team collaboration.

KLAS Solutions philosophy, is a true customized approach to team and leadership.

We welcome you to contact us today to learn more about how we can help you and your dental team.