Dental Team and Leadership Program

Effective leadership is essential to every dental practice. You don’t have to be born with leadership skills, however; with proper training you can learn to become an effective leader. After completing a comprehensive dental team and leadership program, you will be equipped to connect better with your patients as well as your own team.

What is Effective Leadership

Being an effective business leader is fundamental to the success of your practice! Achieving this requires you to have a clear vision for the future of the practice, based on guiding principles or core values. Often, it takes years of practice to gain the confidence and experience to lead by example, but many people fast-track the process through training methods, such as our dental team and leadership program.

Effective business leaders typically display a number of common personality traits, which include:

  • Self-awareness, which enables you to understand your own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Decisiveness, or the ability to make sound decisions quickly.
  • Fairness, with processes for handling internal issues in a way that’s equitable for everyone.
  • Enthusiasm, which inspires your team to follow your example.
  • Integrity, to earn the respect of your team without having to remind them of your seniority.

A strong leader typically has an open-door policy and encourages feedback from team members, to understand what works and what doesn’t and to capitalize on employees-led solutions. It’s also important to recognize those who do good work, and an effective leader creates an environment in which people have the chance to grow.

This empowers your team, creating an ownership mentality that responds better to leadership than it does to micro-management. Catching your team doing something “Right” contributes to a behavior change for team members wanting to do things “Right”.

Building a Strong Dental Practice Team

Building a strong and focused practice works best when employees all have a team mentality, which requires each person to fill a necessary role that contributes to the long-term goals of both the business and the individual. Communication, which is an essential element for achieving this, is comprised of words, body language and tone of voice. The words you choose, the movements you employ and the tone of voice you select can all contribute to miscommunications when interpreted by a listener.

Every team is an amalgamation of different, unique personalities, who are required to interact with each other regardless of strengths and weaknesses. During the dental team and leadership program, our coach will train your team to identify the different personalities within your practice, and provide support for the creation of a harmonious approach to team collaboration.

Training in Communication Skills

At KLAS Solutions, we teach two different personality profile systems. The reason for this is to enable you to work better with both patients and your team members, using a uniquely tailored approach for each audience. Our dental team and leadership program equips your entire team to confidently use these communication skills. This helps to promote :

  • A less conflicted environment that supports collaboration better
  • Reduced stress and increased motivation
  • Better cohesion within the practice.

For example, starting the day with an efficient morning “huddle” is an important communication strategy we recommend. This activitiy is a comprehensive assessment of the current patient group, during which your team assesses the patients scheduled for the day, reviews their health history, any outstanding balances, and reminders for family members overdue for hygiene services.

This ensures every team member approaches patient interactions with full knowledge of the agenda, and there should be no reason for any team member to ever have to say “nobody told me.” The training enhances the professionalism of your practice and improves the patients’ trust in your capabilities.

Monthly team meetings are a critical element for internal communication, but only if they are effective. If your meetings often risk becoming gripe sessions, our training modules can help you learn to structure your meetings in a way that enables the team to brainstorm solutions for the practice.

Become a better business by providing the leadership your team requires and helping them to shape their own future—and yours!
Discover how KLAS Solutions offers a truly customized approach to managing a successful dental practice, and contact us for details of our dental team and leadership program.