Rob Zbierski is a professional speaker, trainer and personal coach with Freedom Personal Development. Working with companies across a broad spectrum of industries, Rob helps clients develop professional skills and positive mindsets that let them discover their potential and maximize their results.

Rob’s purpose is to inject excitement into everything he does. This purpose provides Rob the means to guide others (and himself) to become more effective in what they do while enjoying every minute of doing it. Because when you can more effectively accomplish the things you feel like you NEED to do, it lets you have way more fun when it comes time to doing the things you WANT to do!

With a history of success in Product Management, Sales and Marketing roles within the Outdoor, Bicycle and Fitness (aka “Passion Pursuit”) industries, Rob was notorious for bringing fun to the forefront while also encouraging people to embrace their passion and energy to get the job done. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Rob makes every effort to connect with the audience to help them understand what can be accomplished with the right attitude and work ethic.

An avid cyclist, runner, fisherman and beer enthusiast, Rob has completed the infamous Triple Bypass bike ride, the Chicago Marathon and is in the midst of a 25-year run of never getting skunked on his annual fishing trip. Rob currently lives with his wife (Kate) and their twins (Effie and Charlie) in Arlington Heights, IL.

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“As the director of a top dental study club I am always looking for speakers who not only have a solid message to deliver but can deliver their message in a powerful way to engage the audience and provide information that can be implemented in real life situations and in business immediately. Robb was able to exceed my expectations and WOW our audience. Robb’s message can be used to immediately impact your personal life and your business. He has been very easy and friendly to work with and I would recommend him to any organization looking to enhance personal development.”

– Scott Hoyer, D.D.S, Director, Seattle Study Club Madison

“Robb is incredible! This was unlike any other program we have done and it was a breath of fresh air compared to the industry specific training we are used to doing. My team loved the content and especially how well Robb helped us understand how to incorporate it into our business”

– Bob Vasa, Asst. Complex Director, UBS Northbrook

“The enthusiasm and energy that comes through on a conversation with Robb is unique and quite unusual.
Robb produced the same level of energy and professional delivery of his subject as I expected. He kept the audience completely engaged as he taught a memory class. He not only entertained but had people walking away with ideas they could put to use in their everyday lives, both on the job and at home.
I have hired Robb for two different topics and have been fortunate enough to be at other events where he has been a speaker. The same energy and commitment to the subject matter has been there each time. I love this guy and what he brings to an audience.”

– Harry Kegler, CEO, ProHelp, LLC

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Robb speak twice. Once at a convention I was attending and got so much out of it, we HAD to get him for our show. He is dynamic and inspiring, offering practical advice for use in the real world. Robb reminds you to keep things in perspective. We are not saving the universe. This is work and life.”

– Thea Dudley, Director of Credit – Guardian Building Products Distribution

2016 – Seattle Study Club – Annual Symposium
2016 – Great Blue Heron Study Club – East and West
2016 – Texas Dental Association – Regional Symposium
2016 – Mile High Study Club
2016 – Jersey Coast Dental Forum
2016 – Comprehensive Dental Excellence Forum
2015 – Cameo Endodontics
2015-14 – UBS Financial
2015-14 – Benco Dental Supply – Regional Training
2015 – Daviess County – Annual Banquet
2015 – ABC of Wisconsin – Annual Conference
2015 – Seattle Study Club – Coordinator’s Conference
2015 – Quakertown Study Club
2015 – United Advisors – Annual Meeting
2015 – Immel Construction
2015 – SilverCote – Annual Meeting
2015 – Independent Insurance Agents of KY – Big I Conference 2015 – Rockford Chamber of Commerce – In-House
2015 – Seattle Study Club, Milwaukee Chapter
2015 – Johns Manville Insulation – Annual Sales Meeting
2015 – Guardian Building Products Distribution – Dealer Meeting 2015-14 – Independent Insurance Agents of IL – Annual Convention 2014 – American Dental Association – Annual Convention
2014-13 – Secura Insurance
2014 – Ryan Incorporated – In-House
2014 – Illinois Valley Area Chamber – In-House
2014 – Robertson Heating Supply
2014 – Insulation Contractors Assoc. of America – Annual Convention 2014-13 – National Insulation Contractor’s Exchange
2014-13 – Foremost Farms – In-House
2013 – West Prairie Dental – Staff Event
2013 – Connor Company – Annual Meeting
2013 – Carlson Labs – Annual Sales Meeting
2013 – State Farm Insurance
2013-12 – Country Kitchen International – Franchise Meeting
2013 – Anchor Bank
2013 – Seattle Study Club, Winnebagoland Chapter
2012 – Seattle Study Club – Madison, WI Chapter
2012 – Blackhawk Bank – Staff Appreciation Day
2012 – WICPA – Annual Convention