Location:        On-Site

Scheduled:     8-14 Days

Timescale:      Over 12-18 Months


PERFORMANCE:  The action or process of carrying out or accomplishing an action, task, or function.

KLAS Solutions dental practice performance program is a customized on-site coaching program for dentists and their teams.  This is an 8-14 day coaching program that will address your practices’ specific needs.

A dental practice assessment will determine the areas of the practice that require enhancing, and depending on the practices’ individual strengths, deficiencies or limitations, you will have access to a ‘Business Coach’, a ‘Hygiene Coach’, a ‘Team & Leadership Coach’, and a ‘Clinical Assistant Coach’.

Your unique and customized program will incorporate each of these dental practice coaches over the course of 12-18 months with interwoven visits, so you and your team have full dental systems support from each of your coaches.  Your goals and vision are factored into each coach’s performance visit. By coming on-site, we work only with your team rather than you attend an off-site classroom with other teams from different practices who may not share your same vision. We find off-site coaching can be presented in general terms since you are only one of many styles of practices and teams in attendance. We work within your practice, with your team, your equipment and your computer, focused entirely on your specific goals. We can help your team in any area they are struggling and incorporate team building exercises throughout the program.

“Your goals and vision are factored into each coach’s Performance visit

We are all aware that communication is paramount in every practice for the health of the business and the health of the patient. As professionals, we don’t have time for drama or miscommunication as our focus must be the patient.  We are in the health industry and our patients deserve to trust us and know they are getting our individual attention.  They are number one!

Operating a dental practice doesn’t have to be difficult.  Our coaches have over 150 years of combined experience.  There isn’t a situation within your practice we cannot help you with! That is a promise.  Your Performance Program will cut to the chase and provide the action necessary to assist your dental practice in accomplishing all they set out to accomplish.  Your program is all-inclusive so there are no extra costs or surprises.   Don’t continue a ‘trial and error’ approach when it comes to your business.  Athletes get professional coaches, dieters get professional coaches; if you want to train your dog you can get a professional coach.  You do that, so you don’t waste time on trying to fix it yourself.  Get on the right course right away.  If you haven’t been able to make the changes you need to make, have run out of ideas or can’t get the team on the same page then fast track your practice’s success with a Performance Program.  Assess the situation, diagnose the problem, plan for enhancement, implement the change, then monitor and evaluate just as we would with our patients’ oral health.  Tap into our dental practice coach’s years of experience and do it with KLAS!

“Our coaches have over 150 years of combined experience”

“Above and Beyond anything that I ever expected; high value for the cost of the program”
– Chelsea Mason at Mason Dental in Bay City, MI