Phil Cole

Phil Cole is a graduate of Martin Luther College, with a bachelor’s degree in education. Phil brings 17 years of experience to the dental industry, including dental supplies and equipment, practice management, and practice transitions.

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He has received multiple awards and was in the Top Producer Club member for over 6 years. He has worked in all areas of the dental practice with hundreds of doctors from single practitioners to large groups. He has an extensive network of dental professionals throughout the country, which he uses as recourses to ensure practices success. He has always put his clients’ needs first and is committed to treating them with integrity. Phil’s goal is to create an environment where all your dental business needs are met throughout your entire dental career.

Phil Cole mentors doctors on how to create a practice business plan for their present and their future. He assesses all aspects of the practice to incorporate a customized business plan.

He recognizes that in order to have a comprehensive business plan, you must address the emotional needs, the personal elements, as well as all business aspects. He takes all those characteristics into account when creating your plan. He has the experience and resources necessary to create a team of professionals that will support you throughout your career.

1 Specialties: Sales & Marketing
2 Experience: 18+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 703
4 Email: [email protected]

Anthony Vastardis

Anthony is an experienced executive leader. Over the span of four decades, he has honed his skills in creating strategic vision and operational execution that has resulted in sustained growth and financial success.  He has held the positions of CEO, COO, and CFO which have provided him with experiences and tools to achieve focused sustainable success.

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From his career start at a Fortune 100 company, Anthony understood the need for a symbiotic relationship between the organization’s human, financial, and operational issues. Accordingly, he has successfully grown and/or turned around companies in the service, manufacturing, and the healthcare industries.

In order to turn around a multi-location architectural practice, a manufacturing OEM conglomerate, and a group dental practice, Anthony closely worked with owners and management to identify and prioritize success factors that would lead to improved operational performance and financial stability. This collaborative approach provides the basis for a coordinated joint alignment.

In his most recent past, he successfully transitioned a financially and operationally distressed family-owned group dental practice into, now what is considered, the dental practice leader in Wisconsin. The transformation included recruiting and leading a high-performing leadership team. Driven by his vision, the practice engaged Press Ganey, the leader in patient satisfaction, and used the survey results to guide changes that improved the practices reputation and overall patient acceptance. He guided the increase in mean score from the low seventies to achieving mean scores of 90 and above in nearly all 14 clinics. The practice was also an early adopter of patient satisfaction transparency by posting clinic and dentist scores along with patient comments on its website. In doing so, the practice was recognized with the Press Ganey inaugural Transparency Award along with five other healthcare leaders, including The Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic to name a few.

Anthony’s strategic vision guided the practice to become accredited by The Accredited Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) as a dental home organization, meaning the practice delivers comprehensive, continually accessible, coordinated care. The accreditation along with patient satisfaction enhanced the dental practice’s reputation and was the engine to growing the practice from the original six locations to the current fourteen locations with 100 full-time multi-specialty dentists serving 220,000 Wisconsin patients.

Anthony’s current focus is to apply his knowledge and extensive experience into working with entrepreneurs and management leadership to improve their respective organization’s performance, encompassing culture, operations, financial, and both human and capital management. Anthony welcomes engaging with owners and management to explore ways to work together and achieve new heights.

Pace University New York City – BBA
University of Chicago Booth – MBA

1 Specialties: Large Group Dental Practice Advisor
2 Experience: 40+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 708
4 Email: [email protected]

Nancy McNutt

Nancy’s extensive experience over the last 40 years in the dental industry include team leader, management, treatment coordinator, recare facilitator, collections expert, marketing coordinator, lecturer, team trainer, analyzing the systems of a practice and as a buyers advocate. She offers workshops for your business team and managers.

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With a strong focus on an administrative skillset combined with an NCCP Level II coaching certification she is a valuable resource for her clients.

Coupled with her extensive knowledge and experience, Nancy has written numerous articles, co-authored a book published in 2006 and continues to lecture across North America (USA & Canada) Bahamas and Bermuda. Once you ‘experience’ her presentations, you will understand her passion for dentistry.

As a strategic analytical coach, Nancy provides on-site comprehensive practice assessments by methodically uncovering areas of enhancement allowing her clients to maximize their potential in achieving their desired goals.

Nancy brings a spirit of optimism, energy and her enthusiasm for dentistry. Nancy is naturally motivated to be at her very best. This is evident by her drive and commitment to the clients she has the pleasure of working with. Since 1977 she has worked through the ever changing face of dentistry and is confident in her ability to uncover your practice potential. Speaking is her true passion which is evident at her presentations.

Her coaching abilities are not limited to dentistry and when Nancy is not in a dental practice, she can be found coaching her 3 sons’ Masters’ box lacrosse team or spending time with her husband, grandchildren and loyal Mastiff.

1 Specialties: Sr. Analytical Coach and Speaker
2 Experience: 42+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 700
4 Email: [email protected]

Deb Cohen

Deb Cohen’s vast experience, over 20 years, in the dental industry, as a Team and Leadership Coach, has assisted practices reach their full potential in Team and Leadership development thru effective communication.

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Her philosophy takes a customized approach to coaching. To obtain the best results, she believes a coach must teach to the learning style and strengths of each individual Doctor and Team member.

Along with her expertise in team building, Deb trains dental practice members on how to deliver, “The Five Star Customer Service Experience”.

1 Specialties: Team/Leadership Coach
2 Experience: 40+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 701
4 Email: [email protected]

Katie Diamond

Katie has been a part of the dental industry her entire life and full time for almost 25 years. Growing up with a father as a dentist, she was able to experience all aspects of a dental office at a young age. She has taken on several roles in dental offices, including Practice Manager in her father & brother’s dental practice.

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Katie spent several years as Sales Consultant for two of the largest dental distributors in the country. She completed countless hours of continuing education on the business of dentistry, enabling her to help her clients improve and grow their dental practices.  As a Business and Coding Coach, Katie ensures that practices have the right protocols and systems in place to be productive and successful. She also focuses on how to tackle dental insurance with efficiency and precision and loves sharing that knowledge with her clients.

Katie attended Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY where she focused on Business Administration. She then received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The State University of NY at Albany. Katie spends as much of her free time as possible with her husband and two boys in upstate NY.

1 Specialties: Business and Coding Coach
2 Experience: 25+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 704
4 Email: [email protected]

Wendi Sparks

Wendi is a dental hygienist with a bachelors degree in oral health care promotion and an adjunct clinical instrumentation and radiography lab instructor at Oakland Community College.  Her dental career has spanned 40 years… both as a dental assistant and a dental hygienist and educator.

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Most recently, she partnered with KLAS Solutions as a dental hygiene coach, implementing systems necessary for every dental practice to reach its full, healthy practice potential. She is an active member of the Wayne County Tobacco Free Coalition which promotes awareness of tobacco use prevention and cessation and has done extensive research in the use of hookah tobacco.  Wendi also provides classes for Radiography for the Dental Auxiliary.

1 Specialties: Hygiene Coach
2 Experience: 30+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 706
4 Email: [email protected]

Lisa L. Cairns

For over 29 years, Lisa Cairns has been instrumental in creating leadership systems and guiding dental practices across the country to success. Lisa exemplifies a work ethic that all dental practice leaders can only dream of.

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Her entire career is founded on the principles of integrity, dedication and hard work which has lead her into many areas of a dental practice, including being a business owner herself.

Lisa’s journey began as a Certified Dental Assistant where she found her true passion, dental health education. Lisa’s drive in the field of dentistry lead her to becoming a Dental Assistant Instructor, OSHA Instructor, Inventory Management Expert, and Dental Consultant/Speaker. All of the practices Lisa has had the pleasure of working with would agree, she is committed to furthering the knowledge of the entire dental team for maximum performance towards professional and personal growth. It is clear, Lisa continuously applies herself to all facets of dentistry and always holds the best interest of any practice she works with. It is easy to see that Lisa’s own personal success is found within every practice she coaches.

1 Specialties: Assistant Clinical/OSHA coach
2 Experience: 32+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 702
4 Email: [email protected]

Brenda Wittenbauer

Brenda has been actively involved in the dental profession for over 30 years as a Coach, Practice Manager, Dental Assistant and Dental Sales Representative. She received her Dental Practice Management Certificate from New York University.

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Brenda is passionate about helping team members thrive in their areas of expertise so that their natural abilities and talents are maximized. Through open, honest, empathetic communication, she is able to persuade, motivate and empower team members to achieve optimal results!
Brenda activates thoughts into action. She drives the confidence in others that make them believe they will be better. Her inspiration is to challenge the status quo that forces teams to look beyond their current situations and to raise their standards to a higher level—to provide 5- Star customer service to all their patients.
When Brenda is not working with clients, she enjoys family time with her husband and 3 children. She also enjoys traveling, cooking and preparing engaged couples for their marriage, as part of the Marriage Prep team at her church.

1 Specialties: Business Coach
2 Experience: 30+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 707
4 Email: [email protected]

Christine Sommers

With over 35 years of dental experience, she started in dental when dental insurance came into existence because of her medical billing experience.

She has had the privilege to coach and manage several cutting edge, state of the art dental offices from a single dentist to a 10 doctor practice with multiple specialties.

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She has consulted for several offices, is a member of AADOM  (American Association of Dental Office Managers), NLP Training (Neuro Linguistic Programing), Dale Carnegie Training.  Training Assistant with Dale Carnegie, with a psychologist in two offices, and with hypno-therapists are  also part of her dental expertise.

On a personal note – She has three beautiful daughters that are married and three grandsons and one  granddaughter.

She comes from a family of dental personnel-2 daughters in dental (one administrator and one dental assistant), a sister as a dental administrator, and a niece as a dental administrator.

Hobbies: pine needle art, painting, making jewelry, canning, cooking, and mule riding.

1 Specialties: Insurance Negotiations
2 Experience: 38+ years
3 Office: 844-552-7100 Ext. 705
4 Email: [email protected]