Insurance Maximization Program

Learn how to maximize your dental PPO compensation by negotiating reimbursements for the services you provide. At KLAS Solutions, we believe every extra dollar you negotiate adds to your practice’s bottom line. We offer a risk-free assessment of your current insurance fees, combined with expert negotiation services to increase your revenue and obtain the fees you deserve.

Problems with Fee Negotiation

Dental practices that participate in dental PPO plans may not be aware that reimbursements for services rendered can be negotiated.  In a one million-dollar practice, for example, a 10% increase means an additional $100,000 dollars reimbursed. The days of calling up the insurance companies and requesting a 3-5% increase are over. While this approach no longer works, it remains possible to negotiate fees successfully if you have the right set of skills, data analysis, and an effective system to support these.

Getting an Assessment

With a small investment of $5,500, you can increase the profitability of your practice significantly by contracting with KLAS Solutions to complete a practice assessment. This provides you with a complete, 360-degree view of your income and outflow, and gives you valuable information against which to make informed strategic decisions. If the assessment reveals that your dental PPO fees are low, our team of practice management specialists work with you to increase your insurance compensation, find ways to raise your dental codes, and receive much higher revenues each year.

The Risk-Free Factor

At KLAS Solutions, we aim to deliver dental coaching that brings benefit to our clients. In this spirit, if we are unable to double your investment of $5,500 through negotiating higher dental PPO fees, your practice will not be charged for this amount. Instead, we will advise you that after assessment your insurance fees are reasonable, and you don’t require our services. If we discover the opportunity exists for us to negotiate higher dental PPO fees for you, only 50% of the payment becomes due at the start of the negotiation. The balance is payable at contract signing.

A Real-Life Example

In a real-life scenario, KLAS Solutions was consulted by a dental practitioner wanting to expand his practice and bring in an associate. After completing a practice assessment, we were able to respond to all the dentist’s concerns and provide him with a range of information, as well as concluding his insurance fees were low.

The dentist was encouraged to implement our Insurance Maximization Program, and following this our team of specialists began to increase his insurance compensation.  We were able to find ways to raise over 25 of his dental codes, and our negotiations enabled him to receive more than $50,000 in higher dental PPO fees each year.  In two years’ time we will review the situation to determine whether we can be of further assistance.

Our Insurance Maximization Program was just one aspect of the services and systems we implemented for this client. The practice is now expanding and the dentist is preparing to bring on the new associate, so he can refocus on other areas of his life.

Maximizing Your Money

Dental PPO and other plans provide a service that is beneficial for dental patients, but it’s not always advantageous for providers. Maximize the income you earn from these types of plans by tapping into the expertise available from KLAS Solutions. Get your personalized practice assessment today, and find out what our recommendations are for improving the way your practice operates. Most importantly, discover how we can help you increase your income, grow your practice and provide enhanced services to your patients.

Discover how KLAS Solutions can help you maximize your insurance compensation with a risk-free assessment and dental PPO negotiations.