Hygiene Program

Your dental hygiene team is the heartbeat of your dental practice, and one of the most important services you offer patients. Investing in quality dental hygiene coaching for your dental team can make the difference between mediocre and exceptional perio programs.

At KLAS Solutions, our goal is that no patient with gum disease is ever left behind, and achieving this requires the teams of the best hygiene systems in Michigan to develop additional skills beyond their ability to deliver tooth cleaning.

The Hygienist-Patient Relationship

The relationship between a dental hygienist and their patient is an intimate one. Patients may see their hygienist just a few times each year, but the relationship is built on trust. Multiple studies exist that verify the importance of dental/patient relationships, and while most focus on chairside manner, a number of these also highlight the importance of communication. With expert dental hygiene coaching, your hygienists can learn to make eye contact, take a personal interest, and provide a warm and welcoming environment for each patient.

Increasing Case Acceptance

Dental hygiene coaching will empower your dental team to increase treatment plans and case acceptance, by training them to :

  • Present a routine, six-point periodontal probing to the patient, and emphasize the importance of this step;
  • Introduce the use of cutting-edge technology and therapeutic treatments such as Arestin, the use of intra-oral cameras, and oral ID;
  • Guide patients to make independent health decisions, without basing their dental health solely on their dental insurance benefits.

By attending our hygiene programs, to enhance your hygiene systems in Michigan, or inviting us to your practice location to train your team, your patients will be better able to understand their risks for periodontal disease and its relationship to overall systemic health. By establishing consistent and effective communication protocols with patients, you can ensure patents have the confidence, trust and motivation to accept recommended treatments.

Presenting a United Front

Training in the methods of effective perio programs enables your hygienists to play a vital role in case presentation and acceptance. Hygienists are adequately qualified to pre-diagnose decay, spot signs of periodontal disease and failing restorations, and recommend other interventions like sleep apnea treatments and cosmetic dentistry.

In addition to generating their own work, hygienists can play a vital role in filling the dentist’s schedule with high-level care. Active co-diagnosis for perio and restorative procedures make a dentist’s job easier and less stressful, and allows the dentist to focus on a high level of client and clinical care.

We coach your team to “Prompt the Doctor” when he or she enters the room, and to report their conversation with the patient in the patient’s presence to encourage “Patient Overhear.” This presents a united front that promotes trust in your practice. Psychologists have proved that the more times a patient hears the results of his or her exam, the greater the chance that they will accept a proposed treatment plan.

Reasons to Implement Dental Hygiene Coaching

Your hygienists are expected to both provide excellent care, while at the same time generating a profit for the practice. The production from a well-run and competent hygiene department contributes enormously to the financial success of your dental office.

Some benefits of coaching include giving hygiene teams the confidence to :

  • Enhance their capabilities in perio-diagnosis, enrollment and hygiene systems in Michigan
  • Increase their role in the diagnosis and implementation of restorative and other supportive therapies
  • Develop their ability to keep patients active in recare.

Time management is an issue many hygienists struggle with, which can result in reduced productivity, running over on appointments and dismissing patients too early. Coaching will help your hygiene team to optimize their methods of working to ensure none of these occur.

Optimization of resources is another pain point for many perio programs, but by investing in coaching for your team you can both reduce operating costs and improve service delivery with better use of products.

Improving Your Returns

Dental practices that implement coaching for their perio programs typically enjoy a substantial increase in their monthly hygiene production. If you’re looking for more efficient hygiene-dentist exams, increased restorative treatment revenue, enhanced awareness and a commitment to improving your patients’ health through quality dental care, then this option is for you.

It’s not just your hygienists who benefit from dental hygiene coaching, either, but your entire team can improve their understanding of the etiology of periodontal diseases, personalized treatment options, the consequences of non-treatment, and patient values and motivation.

Get your entire team on the same page, improve their communication skills and foster common values around preventive and therapeutic hygiene care. Your hygiene team has the potential to be the backbone of your practice, building longstanding relationships with patients and helping them to say yes to treatments that will benefit them.

Generating Ongoing Improvements

Hygienists who recognize their employer is investing in them are far more likely to be engaged and motivated to continually improve their skills and performance. This results in increased revenue, improved patient health, more referrals, better time management, and less stress overall. A timely investment in dental hygiene coaching could pay big returns for the patients, the hygienists and your practice.

We deliver coaching services for hygiene systems in Michigan and other states in the U.S. To learn more about our programs, please contact us.