Hygiene Program

Location:         On-Site

Scheduled:      4-6 Days

Timescale:        Over 2-4 Months

Hygienist and Patient Relationships

The relationship between a dental hygienist and their patient is an intimate one. A patient may see a hygienist 2, 3 or 4 times a year. Their relationship is built on trust. A trust that allows a hygienist to assist the Doctor in case presentation by using proper verbal skills. We encourage our hygienist to “Prompt the Doctor” when he or she enters the operatory, as to the results of their findings. We want the Hygienist to tell the Doctor what she has discussed with the patient while the Doctor is present. We call that “Patient Overhear”.  The more times a patient hears the results of his or her exam, the greater chances the patient will say YES to the dentistry.
The hygienist plays a vital part of case presentation and acceptance.

Your hygiene team is the heartbeat of the dental practice. Together, our dental hygiene coaching will collaborate with the entire dental team regarding a basic understanding of etiology of periodontal diseases, personalized treatment options, consequences of non-treatment and patient values and motivation. Your patients will understand periodontal disease in relation to their individual overall systemic health. Establishing consistent and effective communication protocols with patients and the dental team ensures confidence, trust and motivation to accept treatment. Our dental hygiene coaching goal will be that no patient with gum disease is left behind, therefore a routine 6 point periodontal probing will be emphasized and discussed with the patient.  Introducing and utilizing cutting edge technology and chemotherapeutic medicament treatments such as Arestin and use of intra-oral cameras and oral ID for patient education will assist in treatment acceptance and professionalism. We will guide patients to make independent health decisions and not base their dental health solely on their dental insurance benefits.

KLAS Solutions has helped dental offices implement excellent Hygiene Systems in Michigan, and across other states in the USA, to help increase production.

The hygienist is expected to provide excellent health care and at the same time generate a profit. The production from an excellent hygiene department using excellent dental hygiene systems can greatly contribute to the success of a dental office. Our dental hygiene systems and our on-site coaching will provide them the ability to offer solid advice and very effective dental care to their patients.

We deliver Hygiene Systems in Michigan, and across other states in the USA. To learn more about our Dental Hygiene Coaching Programs, please feel free to contact us.