First Practice Program

Location:         On-Site

Scheduled:      6-8 Days

Timescale:       Over 6-10 Months


Imagine this scenario…. You have been working in dentistry as an associate for a number of years.  You are confident and proficient in your dentistry profession and now you are ready to buy your first dental practice or perhaps even look to start one up with a new build.

You have well over $300 in debt, have never owned a business, you are fearful of the challenge, and you don’t want the practice to fail.  You recognize that you need help to reduce the learning curve, avoid going through expensive mistakes, and speed up positive production levels by investing to get on the right path from the get-go.  We often hear the following being said, “I don’t know what I don’t know!”, which is so true!

Have no fear as we at KLAS Solutions are here to help you with our, “First Practice Program”, which alleviates the worry and anxiety out of owning your first dental practice, and helps you get on the right track.


What Can You Expect from the KLAS Solutions, “First Practice Program”?

A structured program comprised of 6-visit of the following professional dental coaching services:

Team and Leadership Mentorship

Your Team and Leadership coach will support you as you create your own vision, mission and goals.  Your vision will be shared with your team and offers them the ability to work towards your vision for your new practice.

Business Systems Set-up

Your business coach will teach the importance of reports and monitors to allow you to track your success.  She will work with you to implement key systems, policies and protocols for smooth practice operations.

Hygiene Procedures Set-up

Your clinical coach will be there to help assist or implement any new procedures necessary to insure your patients receive optimum care and the practice meets the standard of care required.

We will work with you through each step of the way, covering the following topic areas in detail:

  • Create a Vision and Mission for your practice
  • Learn the optimum way to communicate with your team and your patients by identifying the personalities of each individual
  • Create and implement an internal marketing system
  • Ascertain your “Break-Even Point” BEP
  • Learn how to incorporate the proper reports and monitors to continually track the progress of your practice
  • Learn the latest protocols of hygiene care and how they are best implemented

KLAS Solutions has trained and experienced coaches to address the specific areas of the practice that need attention to succeed.  The entire team of coaches are experts and specialists in their area, they work together to create optimum solutions for you, and have over 150 years of combined experience.  Allow them to support you and do it right first time rather than doing it over!

This new venture of owning your first dental practice is an exciting time in your career.

KLAS Solutions can make this new endeavor productive and stress-free by helping you implement the essential systems, reports and monitors and ensuring they are in place to make your practice a success.  We welcome you to contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your first dental practice.