Dental Practice Management Consulting Services

Most dentists are operating at a mile a minute. Phones are ringing, staff need to be managed, and running a dental practice has never been more challenging. Too many dental practitioners try to do it all themselves. They spend hours each day focused on business, staffing or operational issues, and carry all the pressures and responsibilities of both the administrative functions and the patient care.

Whether you’re starting a new practice, buying an existing practice, or simply planning to grow your current operation, using the services of one of the best dental practice consulting firms in the nation can help put your business on the map.

Getting an Assessment

Before you can begin to overhaul your management, it’s essential to know what’s actually going on in your practice. A dental practice assessment doesn’t aim to point out what’s wrong, but to identify opportunities for growth as well as areas where you can improve either productivity, profitability, or both.

An expert business assessment by a dedicated dental business coach, examines your goals and vision for your practice in the short- and long-term. Our dental practice consultants will review your team’s dynamics and identify areas for enhancement through confidential interviews with your key employees. We’ll analyze your patient database and demographics, review your marketing plans, and look for new ways you can add value for your patients, and present you with a detailed report of your current scenario and pressing issues.

Devising a Business Strategy

After conducting the assessment, the mission of our dental practice consulting services is to help you devise a comprehensive business strategy. This is customized to address the individual needs of your practice, including:

  • planning for increased capacity,
  • extending your exposure in a particular target market, or
  • focusing on a specific service niche.

A qualified dental business coach with many years’ experience is available to advise you, keep you apprised of market trends and happenings in the industry, and to help you identify and optimize your most lucrative services.

Developing Leadership Abilities

Many dentists are excellent practitioners, but fall short of having the strong leadership abilities required to manage a successful practice. No matter how good your chairside manner is, if you can’t motivate your staff to take ownership of their portfolios and deliver their very best patient-centric service, you’re unlikely to operate at maximum capacity.

With effective dental practice coaching services, mentored by a dedicated and experienced dental business coach, you can ensure all your senior employees get the instruction they need to improve their staff management capabilities. Better management enables you to attract more talented workers, and ultimately benefits both the practice and the patients.

Training Your Staff

Just as you want (and deserve!) success in your career, so too do your employees want and deserve to be successful. Research shows dental practices can typically enhance their patients’ experiences and improve staff performance by upgrading their training programs. Whether you train your workers personally or make use of external instructors, our dental practice coaching will equip you to make the most of your employees’ strengths and abilities.

Measuring Results

Knowing how well your practice performs against your objectives is critical for future improvement, but many dental practitioners don’t have measurement criteria in place. Our dental practice consultants are knowledgeable in this area, and will help you develop metrics by which to gauge your practice’s performance. With regular data available, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your patients, your services and your operations that will increase the success of your business.

We are referred to by our clients as one of the best dental consulting firms in the country, with a dedicated and experienced team of professional dental practice consultants. We welcome you to schedule a free appointment today to identify your practice’s critical business needs and determine whether dental business coaching or dental business consulting services will be the right choice for you.