Location:         Virtual or On-Site

Scheduled:      1.5 Days for On-Site Assessment

Timescale:       Established in Agreement


Hope is Not a Strategy!

Like your Comprehensive Oral Evaluation of a patient, an assessment provides a thorough exam and treatment plan for your business. It reviews all aspects of your practice and enables you to determine the areas that are working and the areas that could be enhanced.

What is Your Strategy?

From a business perspective, revenue is a must so you can pay your bills, offer team incentives and plan for retirement. Your assessment certainly looks at your production/collection and the industry norm and reviews where opportunity lies for your practice, it also looks at team dynamics, drama, teamwork, cohesiveness, roles and responsibilities, leadership, vision and future plans.

Your assessment will look at the following areas to better understand how your practice would benefit so you can make changes and have a strategic plan. Your assessment will include a customized program (no obligation) that will address your individual needs.

  • Discuss: the doctors’ personalized plan and vision for his/her practice. (Partnerships, associates, moving, building, retirement)
  • Review the Team Dynamics: do you have the right people r in the right position and are they effective
  • Areas of enhancement: determined through confidential team interviews
  • Capacity: what if you could generate the same revenue in less hours, be more efficient, work smarter not harder.  Maybe even take a vacation!
  • A review of your Patient base and Demographics: Are patients falling out of the system? New patients coming in, attrition and patient retention.
  • Marketing plan: what works for your practice? Do you have internal and external marketing?
  • Scheduling effectiveness: Doctor time/chair time. Why do you run late or have no lunch?
  • Financials: Including your ‘Accounts Receivable’, statements, billing, collecting co-pays up front, outstanding accounts, financial arrangements for patient treatment, effectiveness of PPO’s and insurance participation and adjustments.
  • Determine your break-even point: We review your Profit and Loss P&L and the amount of money you have to put in the bank to pay your expenses and take a draw.
  • Hygiene department review: Including hygiene production, individual $ per hour, hygiene protocols, your perio program and recare system to help retain patients and insure their care is paramount through regular intervals.
  • Treatment planning: Creating value so your patients see the benefits of moving forward and leave with all the information needed to make informed decisions and limit your liability by having signed documentation.
  • Assess the effectiveness of your clinical area: organization of operatories, lab cases, equipment, maintenance, technology plans, sterilization and computer effectiveness

You owe it to yourself to inspect all aspects of your practice so you can make informed decisions. We would love to share our combined 150 years of experience in the dental field so you can have the practice you want and deserve.