Dental Assistant Program

Location:         On-Site

Scheduled:      2-3 Days

Timescale:        Over 1-3 Months

What are the most important characteristics of an excellent dental assistant?

A competent Dental Assistant can greatly increase the efficiency of the dentist in the care that is being delivered and is considered an invaluable member of the dental team. They must have strong communication skills and enjoy working with their hands as well as their minds. The duties of a dental assistant are among the most comprehensive and varied in the dental office, performing many tasks, requiring both interpersonal and technical skills and sometimes all at the same time.

The dental assistant becomes a critical link between the patient and the dentist before, during, and after treatment. The dental assistant’s ability to anticipate the needs of the dentist in any procedure, and to act upon them promptly, is also an important factor, that allows the practice to increase its speed in treating patients, without compromising the quality of care effectively and efficiently.

4 key qualities of an EXCELLENT Dental Assistant are:

  • Well Organized : This is key to becoming a successful dental assistant. This is relatively easy to learn. Being organized will make everyday tasks at hand  become more efficient and effective with less stress. It is not easy to be a multi-tasker, however it is an essential quality to being an excellent Dental Assistant. KLAS SOLUTIONS has developed unique dental assistant training techniques to help train and assist in this area.
  • Social Skills : Dental Assistants need to be comfortable speaking face to face with every patient throughout the day. Educating the patient on their oral health needs is essential to patient care. Being personable and delivering information in an educated manner, to sometimes anxious patients, is a very important quality that relates to the success of case acceptance.
  • Attention to Detail : This would include focusing on the presence of your work-space, proper documentation, maintaining the sterilization area and equipment, setting up treatment rooms for daily procedures and making sure they are completely set up properly. Nothing is more frustrating to a Doctor than sitting down to start a procedure and… No hand-piece. Proper dental assistant training will help you plan ahead so that you can succeed in your role. When we are prepared for a procedure that procedure will move along smoothly.
  • Professional Approach : The goal is to deliver a WOW” experience to all our patients at every visit. When that approach is instituted by the practice, we all win. When a practice embraces professionalism, the perceived value by the patient is, “I received a WOW experience. ” This experience starts from the exact moment in which we greet our patient to the treatment room, to the moment we escort the patient to the administrative team. A patient is judging how this process is handled. It can either leave your patient with the thought of how organized and smooth it all went or… wondering if we really know what we are doing. Our dental assistant training is always on site in order that we can clearly understand the practice flow. KLAS Solutions dental coaches will provide the skills and systems to have an effective/efficient assistant program.

Dental Assistants have varied responsibilities and are paramount on the success of the doctor and the office.  We want assistants to love their profession.  Our dental assistant training increases their knowledge through education, hands on experience and involvement with a professional organization.