Business Mentor Program

Location:         Virtual

Scheduled:      10-12 appointments

Timescale:       Over 12 months


Do you have a current business plan for your practice?  As your life and practice changes, voids are left unattended creating unneeded stress on your personal and business life. Your business can change for many reasons. In 2008 we had a recession and many doctors were concerned about the adjustments that were taking place within their practice.  PPO’s and DSO’s have had a huge impact on the business of dentistry. We often get questions asked such as:

  • “How do I bring on an associate with all of the lower insurance fees?”
  • “How do I combat against the DSO companies?”
  • “I want to expand my practice,but I am not sure If can afford an associate.”
  • “Can my facility accommodate my growth plans?”
  • “I don’t know if I am ready for retirement.”

KLAS Solutions, with Phil Cole and the team of coaches, have been working with dentists for a combined 125 plus years. We assist doctors in creating their customized business plan to accomplish their vision and goals. We understand that no two dental practices are alike, just like no two smiles are alike.  We customize a plan for you, paying close attention to your needs.

KLAS Solutions mentors doctors on how to create a business plan.

We assess all aspects of the practice to incorporate the proper business plan.

We know that to have a comprehensive business plan, you must address the emotional characteristics, the personal elements, as well as all business aspects.

We have the resources necessary to create a team of professionals that will support you throughout your career.

We educate you in creating a BEP (Break Even Point) and show you how to monitor your numbers and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). If expansion is part of your vision, we will coach you as a third party.  By keeping your interests in mind, we will help with your design and equipment needs. We will guide you through the decision making to see if your numbers support your loans and expenses and guide you through your future retirement plans.  We want peace and security for you to live and achieve financial independence. You need to walk away on your terms, allowing you to practice because you want to, not because you have to.

Contact us and let us help you in creating your customized business plan for your success today and in your future.