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Correct Waterline Treatment Protocols within the Dental Practice

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I wanted to send out a quick note regarding proper water treatment protocols within the dental operatory.  I recently attended a 2-day training on the proper ways to treat dental water and last week during the few days that I was making calls before the holiday, I found that there is a lot of confusion surrounding the topic.  Hopefully, I can clear it up for you, and please feel free to reach out for more info, etc…

First, it doesn’t matter that you use distilled water, reverse osmosis, O-so-Pure, etc…  The water lines with a dental unit are so small and the rate of the water moving is so slow (1 liter per day) that within 6 hours all of the above will start growing bacteria/bio-film.  We need more than just start with clean water.

For the past 15 years or so, you cannot buy a dental chair that does not come with a water bottle system attached.  That is the easiest way to interrupt the flow of water to the dental unit and treat it, so that, you, your team, and patients do not get exposed.  The proper way to treat the water bottle solution is to shock the water lines once a month with a dental waterline shock (Citrisil, VistaTab, Sterilex, etc…)  DO NOT USE bleach; unless you hate your equipment.  Once you have shocked the waterlines, you need to maintain them for the next 30 days using either tablets or liquid drops (Z3 tabs, BluTab, Vista Clean, etc…) EVERY TIME you fill the water bottle.  Should human error occur and a bottle is used without the tablets or liquid, you need to start over and shock the lines again…

Using just the maintenance tablets or drops without shocking the lines will not do anything, and just shocking the lines will work for 1 day only.  We need to do both of these in conjunction to properly treat our waterlines.  Beyond that, if you do have very hard municipal water, then it is suggested to use distilled water with the maintenance tabs or drops as well.

You also should test your water regularly.  (5092-606 Aquasafe water test kits for 12 units, or 4293-829 Aquasafe water test kits for 4 units) .

The above sounds like a pain in the butt, and I agree.  Fortunately, we have another solution that has simplified the entire process.  Sterisil Straws have been invented specifically to treat the waterlines in a dental operatory for an entire year.  These straws are what the military use in their dental units.  Quite simply, you install the straw; which comes with a shock built into the straw and forget about them for a year.  Once installed, there is no need to shock the lines once a month, use drops or tablets every time you fill the water bottle, and worry if about human error.  I always recommend that you have your service technician do the initial installation, but after that changing the straws out is the same as putting a needle on a syringe…luer lock system.

Sterisil has a patented formula that releases silver is a small, small amount as a disinfectant within the water.  Side note, sailors and pirates used to put silver in their drinking water on ships for just that reason…(In case you are every on Jeopardy…LOL!)

I know…how much are these?  If you add up the cost of the shock, maintenance tablets or drops, and the time it takes monthly to shock each operatory, you are looking at approximately $200-$300.  Sterisil straws are $238 each. Many times they have a 2+1. That nets down to $158.99 each; plus we eliminate the human error.

Having your dental units connected directly to the city water lines doesn’t let you off the hook.  You will still need to interrupt the flow of the water (generally within the junction box of the dental chair) and add a Sterisil cartridge to treat the water similar to the Sterisil Straws.  Because we do not control the water coming through from the city, the cartridges life span is not easily predictable.  It will depend on the quality of the water (Hardness) that is coming in and the flow rate of the water (1 liter per day).  With an accurate hardness of the water coming in, you can make an educated guess, as to, the lengthy of time the cartridge will properly function.  You test the hardness of the water prior to the projected expiration date and ensure it is still functioning properly.  You will continue to monitor the hardness until the hardness levels start to increase, and you will then know it is time to change the cartridge.  A water quality tester is available for you.

Cartridges are going to very in size and price.  Obviously the larger the cartridge, the longer it will last.  Space can also be an issue within a junction box.  Its best for you to take a look specifically at your situation with the cartridges.  Now no more worries!

Are Your Team’s Verbal Skills at Peak Performance?

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Verbal skills can make or break how a patient will react to case presentation, scheduling an appointment or how they feel while in the office. This article gives 3 scenarios of poor verbal skills along with the solution to correct verbal skills.

Scenario 1:

Problem Verbal Skills – Doctor and or Team using minimizing words when talking with patients.

Examples– Basically – Just – Little – Only


“Mrs. Smith BASICALLY you JUST have a LITTLE decay on a tooth on the upper right side. You’re ONLY going to be here 45 minutes.

Solutions – Remove these vague words from your case presentation vocabulary. Use words that “Create a Sense of Urgency”


“Mrs. Smith you have two surfaces of decay on the first molar on the upper right side. I am glad that we can take care of this in the early stages before more tooth structure is involved”
” You can expect your appointment to be approximately 45 minutes.
” I look forward to seeing you on my next available appointment”

Scenario 2:

Problem – Verbal Skills – Patient is asked questions that can have ” NO” as an answer

Example – Using the words…”Do You”

“Do You want to pay today?” Patient Answers “No”
“Do you” As in “Do you want to schedule your next appointment today”?
Patient Answers “No”

Solution – There is a saying in dentistry …” There’s no place to go from the NO…. Use the assumption technique… I am assuming yes unless told no…


Replace “Do you want to pay today? “with” HOW will you be paying today?”
Or, replace “Do you want to schedule your next appointment with “LET’S GET YOU SCHEDULED WITH YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT”

Scenario 3:

Problem Verbal Skills – When Addressing an Objection.

Example – Finding the correct verbal skills when faced with a patient’s objection – Money & Time

Solutions – FELL-FELT- FOUND


Money- Objection
” I understand how you FEEL Mrs. Smith. Others have FELT the same way. However, what they have FOUND, is that by utilizing Care Credit, they were able to make a comfortable monthly payment that will fit into their budget.”

Time – Objection
” I understand how you FEEL Mrs. Smith. Others have FELT the same way. However, what they have FOUND, is by taking advantage of our 8:00am appointment, they were able to get to work right after completing their treatment.

Are You Achieving Your Goals? What Keeps You Up at Night?

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I have had the privilege of working with dentists who seek to become better dentists for their patients, stronger leaders for their business, and happier in their personal life.

Let me start by telling you a story:

Dr. A and I were talking, and he said, “I am struggling.”
This was surprising to me as the doctor had a great reputation and a successful practice. I asked him, “Tell me more about this struggle.” His response was a response that I hear much too often. He said, “I have a successful practice. However, I feel like I am working harder and harder. I feel like a gerbil going around and around in a cage, but my efforts are not being reflected in my cash flow or bank account.”

He then went on to say what he thinks he needs: “I think I need an associate or maybe I need to add another room or two to help with the schedule.” After a three-hour discussion, I found that Dr. A. felt that his business was not only causing HIM extreme stress, but it was also affecting his family life. In order to pacify his home life, he tried to “buy” his way out of the stress with vacations and “toys” to make the family happy; however, as always that is short lived. Through our discussion I led him to understand that having effective strategies and goals with accountability, allows for peace both in work and family life.

I ask you, does this sound familiar or at minimum something similar to what you may be experiencing in your life or practice?

We all have those nagging voices in the back of our heads reminding us of the things we want to do, or are supposed to do, or have to do, but we simply, for whatever the reason or rational, are unable to complete. We all have sleepless nights wondering how did this happen and how do I fix it. Frustration and anxiety build as we don’t seem to get any closer to completing those projects or tasks. In many cases, dentists don’t even know where to start. I have the answer.


It may be working on your business development and understanding how your business numbers coincide with you practice numbers. It may be getting your business financials in order, or getting your practice KPI’s (Key Practice Indicators) the same. Maybe it is to reach your goal of adding additional rooms or hiring an associate. However, the stress or thought of the extra monies, more work, or lack of time keeps you in this paralyzed state.

As a mentor, I coach dentists first to create or believe in their vision. We set goals to make sure they are systematically put in place and upheld. Follow a detailed action list while monitoring your progress. As your mentor, the most important aspect of the program is holding you accountable, making sure your vision and goals are a success.

Structure in a systematic non-threatening environment is the purpose of a mentor coach.

The mentor program includes:

    • A thorough practice assessment.
    • Monitors with over 60 KPI’s
    • Monthly action item list that is tailored to your vision and goals “that you commit to getting accomplished by a specific date.”-We keep track of what you actually have completed.
    • Scheduled accountability and support calls.

Going to the gym after years of neglecting exercise is tough. We crawl out of bed dreading the pain we are going to endure. However, after a few days, weeks, and months we breathe easier, feel stronger, and see ourselves toning up.

As much as the concept of hiring an accountability coach is somewhat strange and maybe to some, unfamiliar, there is no doubt that it gets results.

I end this article as I started, with a question, are you ready to turn purpose into prosperity?

KLAS Solutions coaching is what will set you and your dental practice apart from the masses. Contact us today, let’s discover your possibilities. Call 844-552-7100 or email us at [email protected]

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Ask Yourself – What was our biggest practice accomplishment

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  1. What was our practices biggest accomplishment in 2017?
  2. What were the barriers that prevented the practice from reaching its potential?
  3. What will be your practices focus for the year 2018?
  4. What needs to happen to achieve those objectives?
  5. My personal goal for this practice in 2018 is?
  6. How will I obtain this goal?
  7. How will reaching this goal benefit the practice?
  8. How will I benefit by reaching this goal?
  9. My personal goal for this practice for the next 5 years is?
  10. How will I obtain this goal?

Performance demands strong and healthy systems and synergy.  In a dental practice, we must incorporate specific systems to increase production, collections, and create a strong leader that motivates his/her team.

The Performance Program incorporates leadership training– teambuilding – business and hygiene systems. Our coaches will come on site, into your practice, to teach and train you and your team on how to create and implement the tailored methodology of systems for your specific practice. Our customized systems allow for your practice to be successful and have your own personality and identity at the same time achieving your goals.

Contact us at 844-552-7100 and speak directly with one of our coaches about our programs and services.

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Protect Yourself from Dental Embezzlement

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How it can Happen:

  1. Payroll checks – hours not worked, vacation & sick days, salary increase, and/or “ghost” employee.
  2. Adjustments – with payments received and/or expense items.
  3. Expense reimbursement – Non-legitimate expenses
  4. Patient Payments – adjusted or not entered, and checks being cashed.
  5. Practice “Dummy” Account – part of checks to deposit going to a second unauthorized checking account. There are thousands of ways this can be done.
  6. Cash payments – reduce the charge amount in the patient’s record but charge the accurate amount.
  7. Write offs – post the charges, but keep cash.
  8. Refunds – written to “fake” or “test” patients.
  9. Computer – payments backdated and/or deleted.
  10. Vendor/Supplier Payments – pay vendor twice and then use refund.


  1. Be the Boss and owner of your practice. No one that is directly involved with you practice on a daily basis is immune to this problem. As an owner, the more involvement you have and strategic systems that are in place prohibit embezzlement.
  2. Know your practice software. Reach out to a practice consulting company to show you how to engage in specific reports to ensure proper handling of adjustments, payments and credits.
  3. Perform audits. Audits should be routinely done and can be password protected in the practice management software to ensure no tampering. Front desk team members should not be able to run these reports.
  4. Cross train employees. Make sure all front desk duties are able to be done by all of your office team.
  5. Disperse duties to more than one person. Don’t let the office manger or one specific person open the mail, make the deposits, or hold petty cash.
  6. All adjustments should be authorized daily by you the owner. A report should be reviewed by the owner daily.
  7. Make sure embezzlement is covered clearly in your employee handbook. If you do not have an employee handbook reach out to a consulting company right away.
  9. Do not have the idea or thoughts that it couldn’t happen to you. Remember over 50% of dentist are embezzled and many that were embezzled thought it would never happen to them.
  10. Surround yourself with dental professionals. If you do not have a thorough monitoring system in place, talk to a consulting company to implement a monitoring system.

Disclaimer : Materials that you will read were prepared for general information purposes and are not intended as legal, tax or accounting advice or as recommendations to engage in any specific transaction. Please consult your own counsel, accountant or other advisor regarding your specific situation.

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PPO or Not to PPO….that is the question

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After assessing numerous practices, one of the first questions I’m asked is “Should I stay in network with the insurance companies.” There is not a simple yes or no answer. There are three options. Fee for Service….no participation with any insurance company; In network with all insurance companies (PPO’s) or Partial enrollment. As some of the insurance companies are lowering their reimbursement which will affect your bottom line, it will be necessary to seriously consider your options.

Fee for Service: Full fee and full payment. No write-offs and no negotiating. Patients come to see you, you diagnose, patients decide on treatment and you get paid 100% of fees charged. Sounds ideal but there are factors that must be taken into consideration. Your location, your competition, your patient base, patient demographics, timing, your fees and your vision for the practice,

PPO – sign up with every PPO….work twice as hard for half the money, use double the supplies and double the time in sterilization because you have to see double the patients just to meet your goals. Creates a chaotic atmosphere not to mention the lousy taste it leaves in your mouth. Pun intended.

You can decide on ‘Partial participation’ with the insurance companies that have reasonable reimbursement.

So how do you decide and where do you start? Know your numbers and know the demographics of your patient base. If you don’t know how to do it or what to assess, get someone to help you. I recently completed a ‘virtual assessment’ for a dentist who wants to drop a major insurance company that he felt “75% of my patients have”.

After I completed his virtual assessment we were able to determine the true percentage of patients with the various insurance companies he was in network with. We also created a plan for when his practice can support dropping the major insurance company!! (who is once again lowering their reimbursement to the dentist!) Through the assessment, I determined there was major problems with their computer recare system, their TRUE active patient base along with other issues that would ‘kill’ their practice if he just dropped it. However, we were able to put a plan together to slowly drop the PPO’s over a certain amount of time so that it would not financially impact his practice or the patient base. This was a dream come true as he has not felt good about going to work for a long time…it wasn’t fun and he had lost his passion for dentistry. Teaching the administrative team effective scheduling techniques allowed the practice to limit the write-offs on a daily basis. Over time, this adds up to thousands of dollars. Through my assessment, I was able to look at the significant discounts, write-offs, freebies, family rates and adjustments given to the ‘fee for service’ patients that was also making a significant impact on the bottom line.

Do your due diligence….know what you can do today to make an impact and have a plan to eliminate over time. 95% of the dental practices I work with complain about the write-offs, the PPO’s etc. but no one is doing anything to rectify the situation. It all starts with a plan. Stop complaining about all your write-offs and adjustments and take your practice back.

Nancy completes virtual and ‘on-site’ practice assessments to address your specific concerns about insurance participation, internal team stress, leadership concerns, incentives, policies, hygiene programs/liability, treatment coordinating, productive scheduling vs. a busy schedule, communication within the team and any other concerns you may have. You have to assess your patients in order to provide a short and long term treatment plan. Why aren’t you assessing your practice to have a short and long term business plan for the practice?

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Why Select Klas Solutions as Your Coaching Company?

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In business and in life, change equals growth. Growth in your personal life and in your practice, takes commitment and support. Drs and their team know there are systems that need to change, however they don’t know HOW. KLAS Solutions coaching creates a trusting, supportive relationship with you and your team. It starts with assisting you in creating a vision that will empower the dental team to support your practice now and in the future.

Without consistent, independent support from a coach even our best intentions get overtaken by the stress and circumstances of our daily dental lives. The professional support, insight and accountability of KLAS Solutions coaching can help you make lasting breakthroughs.

If you are considering some changes in your practice, we can assure you that working with KLAS Solutions coaches can make a huge difference.

As KLAS coaches, we focus on you and your team to implement the systems necessary for your practice to reach its full potential. “A system is not a system unless it is done consistently.” Our coaches create an environment where the new systems become the new norms.

Our goal is to create the ultimate team, leadership, and business solutions to achieve the goals and vision you, set forth for yourself and your practice.

Leadership starts from the top down ..Klas Solutions helps you discover your unique gifts and talents as a leader and dentist; what you are most passionate about, what are the strengths that contribute the most to your success as a dentist and what holds you back from creating your dream practice?

KLAS Solutions prides itself on its customized approach to coaching that aligns your strengths and passions to your ideal practice and helps you and your team grow with more meaningful and lasting results.

Taking advantage of our On-Site coaching program will help you accelerate your success and give your team the tools necessary to be the dream team you desire.

Want to Take Action?

KLAS Solutions coaching is what will set you and your dental practice apart from the masses. Contact us today, let’s discover your possibilities. Call 844-552-7100 or email us at [email protected]