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Are You Achieving Your Goals? What Keeps You Up at Night?

I have had the privilege of working with dentists who seek to become better dentists for their patients, stronger leaders for their business, and happier in their personal life.

Let me start by telling you a story:

Dr. A and I were talking, and he said, “I am struggling.”
This was surprising to me as the doctor had a great reputation and a successful practice. I asked him, “Tell me more about this struggle.” His response was a response that I hear much too often. He said, “I have a successful practice. However, I feel like I am working harder and harder. I feel like a gerbil going around and around in a cage, but my efforts are not being reflected in my cash flow or bank account.”

He then went on to say what he thinks he needs: “I think I need an associate or maybe I need to add another room or two to help with the schedule.” After a three-hour discussion, I found that Dr. A. felt that his business was not only causing HIM extreme stress, but it was also affecting his family life. In order to pacify his home life, he tried to “buy” his way out of the stress with vacations and “toys” to make the family happy; however, as always that is short lived. Through our discussion I led him to understand that having effective strategies and goals with accountability, allows for peace both in work and family life.

I ask you, does this sound familiar or at minimum something similar to what you may be experiencing in your life or practice?

We all have those nagging voices in the back of our heads reminding us of the things we want to do, or are supposed to do, or have to do, but we simply, for whatever the reason or rational, are unable to complete. We all have sleepless nights wondering how did this happen and how do I fix it. Frustration and anxiety build as we don’t seem to get any closer to completing those projects or tasks. In many cases, dentists don’t even know where to start. I have the answer.


It may be working on your business development and understanding how your business numbers coincide with you practice numbers. It may be getting your business financials in order, or getting your practice KPI’s (Key Practice Indicators) the same. Maybe it is to reach your goal of adding additional rooms or hiring an associate. However, the stress or thought of the extra monies, more work, or lack of time keeps you in this paralyzed state.

As a mentor, I coach dentists first to create or believe in their vision. We set goals to make sure they are systematically put in place and upheld. Follow a detailed action list while monitoring your progress. As your mentor, the most important aspect of the program is holding you accountable, making sure your vision and goals are a success.

Structure in a systematic non-threatening environment is the purpose of a mentor coach.

The mentor program includes:

    • A thorough practice assessment.
    • Monitors with over 60 KPI’s
    • Monthly action item list that is tailored to your vision and goals “that you commit to getting accomplished by a specific date.”-We keep track of what you actually have completed.
    • Scheduled accountability and support calls.

Going to the gym after years of neglecting exercise is tough. We crawl out of bed dreading the pain we are going to endure. However, after a few days, weeks, and months we breathe easier, feel stronger, and see ourselves toning up.

As much as the concept of hiring an accountability coach is somewhat strange and maybe to some, unfamiliar, there is no doubt that it gets results.

I end this article as I started, with a question, are you ready to turn purpose into prosperity?

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